Fail Before Starting

The title above looks familiar to us, and I think the more appropriate language is “First Impressions” or “How to Get First Impressions“.

Ok, here will discuss how to work in a team with a predetermined time-line and don’t waste a lot of time.

I am a freelance programmer who has worked for more than 6 years. Here I want to share experiences from collaboration with a team.

Many beginner programmers combined with senior programmers feel proud and happy to have this opportunity, because they can learn directly and understand what they are facing and will be resolved together with more experienced people.

Of course we all learn from experience, whether it’s personal experience or the experience of others, right?

However, many of us sometimes forget our responsibilities at work. In the professional world, what we do cannot be carried out on our own and we pride ourselves or even the skills we have when we are in a TEAM.

The fatal mistakes that often occur among novice programmers who join senior programmers are:

Show off your skills

Ok … this is interesting, anyone with expertise feels like being recognized. And sometimes not only acknowledged but expect more. For beginners who like to follow technology trends and “MAGIC” in the IT world, don’t be proud of joining the seniors. They don’t see what they know, but they want to see what you can do to solve a problem quickly and time-efficiently and not add too much burden.

Senior Syndrome

This often happens among beginners when they join seniors, they feel equal and understand how big work can be done. But they forget the word “cooperation” and this becomes a disease for them.

Read the Briefing Carefully!

With good intentions, beginners want to contribute to their team, but be careful when making contributions or suggestions to a discussion forum, pay attention to the briefings carefully. Don’t let what you say on the forum look stupid. If indeed you don’t understand the briefing, listen and pay attention carefully.

Anyone want to add? FYI I am writing this in half anger, so maybe what I am writing is not very detailed, because I want to convey it in kind and polite words.

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